Australian Workers' Day

[Australia First press release]

30th JUNE 2007

The anniversary of the 1861 workers' action at Lambing Flat, NSW

Australia First calls upon all Aussie workers, to join in this celebration, drawn from our Australian heritage.

Enjoy a family get together; a quiet drink with mates; support your union; sit under a gum tree; reflect on the work of our earlier generations, who built and defended our European civilisation. And resolve to act to defend our working conditions from the iniquitous press laws, guest worker / asylum seeker / refugee employment rackets of the traitor class of capitalists and cosmopolitan internationalists. And join Australia First.

Come Jack, our place is with the ruck
On the open road today,
Not with the tepid 'footpath sneak'
Or with the wise who stop away.

A straggling, tame procession, perhaps,
A butt for burgess scorne;
Its flags are ragged sentiment,
And its music still unborn.

Though none respectable are here,
And trim officials ban,
Our duty, Jack, is not with them,
But here with hope and man

- Bernard O'Dowd, 1912

Australia First
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June 2007