Destiny is a new magazine, promoting an Australian Identity, a National Culture, and a Protectionist Philosophy.

Destiny is a showcase for the ideas of an up-and-coming Australian ideology, with writings and artwork from Australian nationalists across the country.

Destiny seeks to challenge the validity and position of the Australia-hating political establishment, to take back the moral high ground for fair dinkum Australians, and to regain our national destiny for the Australian People.

Articles in Issue One include:
  • Rural Social Engineering: Global Village Idiots attack the Australian Identity
  • Our Responsibilities and Duties as Australian Nationalists
  • The Shaky Status of Free Speech
  • The Youth Today
  • Improving Our Schools
  • Anti-National Nihilism: The destruction of our society by Globalists and other Australia-haters

Destiny is an independent publication that editorially supports the Melbourne branch of the Australia First Party, and promotes the principle of Australia First before all else.

Articles may be submitted to the address below or to and should preferably be in an electronic or typed format. Not all submissions can be included, depending on suitability or space available. Only copies should be forwarded, as original materials will not usually be returned. Contributors should note that submissions may be subject to editing and may be published on the internet. Views expressed in articles are those of the authors, and may not necessarily be those of the editorial team or associated people.

Copies of this publication are available from P.O. Box 223, Croydon, Vic. 3136
$5 donation for one issue, $20 donation for four issues.
Cheques and money orders should be made out to the Australian Protectionist Movement.
No responsibility can be taken for cash sent through the mail.

The philosophy of Australian Protectionists

Only a nationalist movement with a protectionist philosophy can fight for the future survival of the Australian People:
  • Protecting our environment - saving Australia from the ravages of over-population, which is causing environmental ruin, to instead create a sustainable future for our land
  • Protecting our freedoms - defend our democracy, remove laws that inhibit freedom of speech on social and political issues, and create further measures to protect our civil liberties, such as strengthening the right to trial by jury
  • Protecting our jobs - instituting tariff barriers and encouraging the survival and emergence of local manufacturing industries
  • Protecting our people - ending Third World immigration, ending Muslim immigration, and offering economic assistance for those who wish to be reunited with their people's homeland
  • Protecting our way of life - ending the destructiveness of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, teaching our students about the achievements and values of Western Civilisation, and immersing our youth in the traditions of the Australian national identity and culture

One People, One Destiny!
- Henry Parkes, Father of Australian Federation