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Ten Chinese workers will arrive this year direct from China to be employed by J. Furphy and Sons in Shepparton. Eight of the ten men have families, who could migrate to join their husbands in Australia. The backdoor to immigration has been opened even wider. The attack upon our culture and the living standards of all Australian families moves up a notch!

Managing director Adam Furphy, who returned from China, said publicly ten Chinese workers would join the firm in two stages during the next ten months. The truth is that rapidly modernising China could export surplus workers to flood the Australian labour market used. Already suffering from cheap 'free trade' Chinese imports, Australia will suffer again from Chinese labour. Australian workers will be driven out of all areas of the labour market as the new Industrial Relations laws bite.

From producing equipment for the ANZAC's in the Great War, the Furphy's have traded their great status for easy labour. The owners of Furphy's join the ranks of a growing class of corporate "free traders" who only see profit as the vision splendid of Australia's future.

Mr Furphy told the Shepparton News the new workers would not be "cheap labour", and would be paid the same rate as Australian skilled metal workers at the same skill rate; or a base rate of about $35,000 a year. Whether this statement is (for the moment) true or not, Furphy's is bound to enforce the new Industrial Relations (I.R.) workplace laws which favour money over labour! The price of foreign labour will come down. The Chinese workers will be contracted; their immigration deal will make that certain. That ensures - cheap labour!

Between now and September, when the first group of five arrives, the men will be studying intensive English classes - at whose cost? Will they be proficient? We wonder who will pay the compensation if there is an accident due to poor communication. The poor communication skills of many foreign doctors is known to be costing lives already in Australian hospitals.

"Our business outlook has never looked better, but we are hamstrung by the skills shortage," Mr Furphy has said. "We simply do not have enough tradesmen for the work."

If the company had scoured the region and interstate for skilled workers and received "zero response" from qualified applicants, as it claims, why has the company opted to expand in a way which demands foreign labour? This has become the perverted logic of other Australian companies, but with no Federal plan to develop industry for Australians, except for the 'global market', the Furphy's approach condemns us all.

This further pressure on housing, health, education, and welfare, will be resented by an already overburdened local Community.
Catherine Upcher, Rural Housing Network chief executive officer, informed us in the Shepparton News on 22/3/06

The "clever country" theory - supported by both Liberal and Labor - was basically that Asia would provide us with cheap goods, whilst we would provide them with services in technology, etc. Did they think Asians are dumb? That even though most Asian countries have Westernised industry and technology, that somehow we were so much cleverer in all things, that they would always come to us for our expertise?

Liberal-Labor have long sought to globalise Australia, to make us a part of a corporatised future where money and people continuously ebb and flow across the globe; a future where borders and nations no longer exist; a future that would, long-term, lead to the death of national and ethnic diversity - a financial and demographic borderless One-World State. The "right" want it so that the World can become the playground of big business, and the "left" want it so that they can merge and destroy distinct races and nationalities.

Only nationalists can provide a true alternative to the Brave New World of Liberal-Labor.

Only Australian nationalists have the interests of the Australian people at heart. We must oppose globalisation to ensure the future of the Australian culture and the Australian Nation.

Migrants from the Third World are being brought into our Country without going through proper health checks. Because of this, we are now subjected to a rise in Australia of TB (tuberculosis), hepatitis B, typhoid, and other communicable diseases.

The West Australian 28/3/06

"WA's top public health expert yesterday called for all skilled migrants to be screened for deadly diseases after the Federal Government revealed it may take an extra 40,000 workers a year to combat the labour shortage. Dr Charles Watson said such an expansion of the temporary migrant program, which would take the number of skilled migrants to 180,000 a year..."and from the same paper on the 16/3/06"More than 1000 migrants are flooding into WA each week on temporary working visas under a booming skilled immigration program which unions claim is creating a slave trade that will lower wages and standards. ... Mr Kinnaird said some of the skilled migrants, most of whom were tradesmen, accepted very low pay in the hope of being sponsored by their employer for permanent residency when their four-year visa expired. He also warned that authorities, who are desperate to help fill the skills shortage, sometimes issued the subclass visas known as 457 visas, to poorly qualified tradesmen."

Under the "Regional Migration Strategy", supported by "Workforce Participation Minister", Sharman Stone, (known to us as the Minister for Swamping Rural Australia with Foreign Workers) thousands of workers from overseas are to be sent to country areas to take jobs that have not even been advertised to Australian workers.

Ratepayers from Moira, Campaspe, and the City of Greater Shepparton, in Victoria, have been shocked to see an advertisement in the local Shepparton News on the 28/4/06 offering further employment for a "Goulburn Murray Regional Migration Coordinator" at a salary of $60,350 - financed by a grant from your Government and operating from the Greater Shepparton Council Offices.

More shocking is the revelation that this has been happening under our noses for some time and we believe that Councillors have a moral obligation to come clean on this issue. Is it possible that the Liberal Member for Murray, Sharman Stone, and your local Councillors have, without consultation with the people they are supposed to represent, assisted Furphy's and others across Australia, to employ these foreign workers and thereby put the financial stability of Australian workers and their family's future at risk?


The Australia First Party takes up where the once-great Australian labour movement fought for the rights of Australian workers and their families.

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