Toowoomba under attack
Part 3

The Media Propagandist / Liar Greg Roberts Vents His Spleen With 'Neo-Nazis', Race Hate And Alleged Violence

It happened that a certain local group of ordinary working Australians in Toowoomba had come together to discuss issues of race and immigration. These patriots concerned at the rural influx of migrants and the effect on water, infrastructure, health, crime and cultural variations, voiced their displeasure to the people of Toowoomba. As reported by local media sources, some of these people, who had adopted the name 'White Pride Coalition', were wicked and evil.

But the pro-refugee lobby wanted any resistance to the new order in Toowoomba cut short. It is an old trick of the multiculti establishment that any and all resistance to the destruction of Australia as a European society is said to be connected to neo-nazism and/or white supremacism, hatred and racism. This trick is universally imposed.

Greg Roberts who writes for The Australian, together with Toowoomba's own newspaper, The Chronicle decided to report stories involving absurd claims of racial violence, neo-nazis, secret cells and community fear in the Toowoomba region.

Greg Roberts has been described by The Australian as their expert in the field of the so-called 'right-wing' in Australia. Jim Saleam (Australia First co-ordinator in New South Wales) considers Roberts to be a fraud:

Roberts then went on to foment a story that Kluxers were terrorizing Aborigines in the Casino area of northern New South Wales.

Jim Saleam added:

So when the liemonger Roberts looked at Toowoomba, he needed a focus, a target; he needed "Mr. Hate".

As we shall see below, Roberts apparently found support from various persons and in The Chronicle, for his intelligence gathering effort against patriots of Toowoomba. Stigmatizing a local man as "Mr. Hate" was necessary vilification for the success of the overall campaign of lying and propaganda in Toowoomba. For legal reasons we will not name this man here or say too much. It is said a case may be brewing for defamation.

As we can now see, some journalists 'privatise', their liemongering. They allow 'outside activists' to write the fiction which they can then 'quote' as the opinion of others. In creating this shadow struggle, they permit a legitimate cause to be harassed by a phantom disinformation group and quote each 'equally' against the other. This is clever stuff which points to a guiding hand - somewhere - who can discern the problem strategically. This has obviously occurred in the Toowoomba struggle and has been happening elsewhere. Let us look at the most obvious example.

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