Public moved by AF campaign on
refugee invasion of Newcastle

Australia First Party, in conjunction with the Patriotic Youth League, conducted a public rally in Newcastle's Islington Park on January 22. The rally brought about 20 nationalists to the park and about fifty members of the public. Almost all were sympathetic. A media and police presence was assured. The crowd was addressed by megaphone.

The original invitation to our representative had been made by a 'Concerned Citizens' Collective' worried at the pattern of refugee immigration and anti-Australian Sudanese-refugee racist violence in that city. A park-forum and BBQ was to be held. This situation changed when the Mayor of Newcastle urged a counter demonstration and his calls were endorsed by the Socialist Alliance. The nationalists went ahead with a public rally on the theme "racism cuts both ways".

The media has lied and lied and lied over the rally. So has Socialist Alliance. Some 250 members of Newcastle's liberal internationalist community attended the Mayor's indoor counter-meeting (not the 500 of the media) and 120 at the Left street meeting (not the 300 of their boasts). Our rally concluded peacefully, with no "they were run out of the park by locals" fantasy stories.

This public meeting was the first nationalist venture into the public air by any pro-Australian movement for a long period of time, it has had a seismic effect upon patriots from other parties and organizations. Many people have pledged to attend future rallies and have come to see AF as the core around which the whole patriotic movement can be rebuilt.

Source: Letter to Nationalists, No. 32, February 2005

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