Revolution by the seaside:
The Cronulla events, the death of 'Multiculturalism',
and the rebirth of Australian Nationalism

Members and friends of Australia First need not be reminded of the dramatic events on December 11. On that day, a massive crowd of some 5000 - 7000 people reaffirmed their Australian Identity. Members of the party - and members of the Patriotic Youth League - attended as individuals, distributing material and making contacts. The idea that this massive crowd of families, children and young people (including masses of young women) was some sort of assembly of violent drunken louts is a lie peddled by the discredited advocates of multiculturalism ('multiculti').

So much has happened since this people's mobilization with striking events that have seen multiculturalism ('multiculti') tom to shreds, a government resort to police-state methods, alien 'immigrants' rampage across Sydney, and the so-called anti-terrorist 'sedition laws' get waved around in front of patriotic people as a threat to control dissent on immigration issues.

In retrospect the (unfortunate) misdirected Australian violence on the day was greatly overshadowed by the extreme retaliatory violence carried out by Middle Eastern gangs in subsequent days. The media has naturally concentrated on Australian misdeeds and ignored the racist hate gangs of Arab background which have hitherto terrorised Sydney - and which still exist.

Australia First has achieved massive national (and international) publicity with interviews carried out by the party President and the Sydney secretary. A quick overview reveals: national TV coverage for Diane Teasdale on 'Today'; television interviews by Dr. Jim Saleam on SBS, Channel 9 (Sydney), Russian television, New Zealand national TV; radio interviews by Dr. Jim Saleam on 2GB, Radio National, 2SM, Radio New Zealand, the BBC World Service, SBS Radio, 6PR; newspaper coverage included repeated items in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, the Weekend Age, The Australian, London Sunday Herald, various local newspapers in Sydney, Melbourne and Shepparton.

Australia First has seized the limelight as the visible force of patriotic action. This 'revolution by the seaside' has offered us the golden opportunity to recast what has passed as nationalist or patriotic politics. Our Web Site alone has had some 10,700 hits since December 10 and until January. We have had innumerable membership and other enquiries and have had been swamped with indications of support from ordinary people, members of One Nation and other pro-Australian organizations. The ball is now in our court to act, to build the movement!

Source: Letter to Nationalists, No. 39, January 2006

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