Revolution in Cronulla

Written by Dr. Jim Saleam, on Sunday 11th December 2005 - the day of the Cronulla rally.

For the first time since 1966 when the White Australia Policy was abandoned and betrayed, there was a mass Australian peoples protest against the multiculti order. It was heartening and a sign of things to come.

The events today in Cronulla were remarkable proof of the existence of a grassroots Australian nationalism. Things started moving at 11 am and were still going on when this writer left at 3.30 to write this piece. Phone reports say there are still 1500 people partying along the corso.

Over 5000 - and possibly as many as 7000 people gathered along the foreshore at Cronulla. The beach was alive with Australian youth and families, the sort of guts of the Aussie normality.

I noticed the incredible number of National flags worn on hats and as capes, flying from cars, on balconies and carried along. Important also was the Eureka Flag, draped from balconies, worn as capes and carried along. National flag shirts, Ned Kelly t-shirts, "Proud To Be Aussie" shirts, and similar (homemade) shirts were worn. One Aussie girl, in a provocation of the Lebanese hatred of Australian women (which fired so much of this explosion), wore a shirt: "Young, Hot and Aussie". Fighting kangaroos made an appearance, buoyed above the heads of the crowd.

The sausage stand was popular and free. The slogan on the board (photographed by media) read "No Tabouli". The television news which was just broadcast referred to offensive slogans being shouted (I heard that!) and about six arrests (true). The crowd chanted "No more Lebs", "Leb free zone", "Enough is enough".

A rather vocal Aussie, about 40 years of age, traveled about with a handheld small megaphone: "If this happened every weekend, we'd be safe, fight back, fight back". A rather portly fellow kept up a chant: "We're sons of the ANZACs".

An Arab in a vehicle offered provocation to a few youths. A brawl erupted which led to the arrests and which saw police applying mace to the crowd and using batons on some hotel patrons. A typical liberal who cried "racist" at some men was verbally abused, again with police acting in a heavy handed way. The crowd surged when a report reached them of carloads of Middle Eastern thugs nearby. There was violence at the railway station. One report said a young nationalist received the baton there - amongst many others too.

I was told that the lunatic Darp and Resistance had indicated on the Internet that something would take place in Cronulla against racism (sic). Well, I didn't see them, nor did any report come to me. For the first time in decades, Australians ruled their own streets. No Trotskyites, no "anti-racist" goons, no cranks like Darp. Nationalists were present and thousands of items of material were snapped up by the crowd.

As some know, the Premier of New South Wales was heckled at Cronulla a few days ago on the issue of gang violence and anti-Australian racism. The Attorney General threatened prosecutions under racial vilification laws. On Saturday in The Australian a Lebanese youth leader recommended the new sedition laws be used (surprise, surprise!) against racists. But for today, the multiculti thugs in government were on the losing team.

If there was any proof needed that ultimately there were Australians ready to stand up and be counted it was duly provided.

Source: Nationalist News, No. 1, 2006

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