'Say no to contract labour' campaign
finds echoes across Australia

Crucial patriotic labour struggles are under way in Toowoomba and Shepparton. These happenings have been fuelled directly by the intervention of Australia First Party activists.

As we write, events are rapidly developing in Toowoomba. On Tuesday, June 13, members of the party handed out leaflets at the gate of the main branch of 'Davey Engineering And Manufacturing Group'. The leaflet called for industrial action to save Aussie jobs in face of the contract labour threat. Already the company had hired contract labour from China and the boss had denounced his workforce as "lazy" and "a waste of space". The leaflets were taken up enthusiastically by the workers who faxed them to other branches of their company and placed them upon community noticeboards at major shopping centres. We believe that the men had already considered a strike and may now take the ultimate step and walk out!

On June 14, Australia First was page one of the Toowoomba Chronicle. Further publicity was won the next day after the party President, Diane Teasdale, was interviewed. The party had also been mentioned extensively in that paper in the previous week for our leaflets advertising the Internet pamphlet which exposes the refugee invasion of this great Queensland country city. We now stand to enrol *a new raft o of members

The situation in Shepparton has also been volatile. At the Furphy company (a veritable national icon), the boss had cooked up a similar scheme. The workers there have been restive and angry. Our party responded by leafleting Shepparton with a strong leaflet 'Furphy's Furphy'. The Shepparton News and the local radio reported the event.

The issue of contract labour marries together our fundamental concerns of immigration, the 'refugee' influx and contract-labour. The issue draws out the essential linkages amongst moral propagandists, greedy bosses, and corporate and other ideologists who are together seeking to reduce Australia to the level of a foreign-run market bazaar with cheap labour the basis of 'prosperity'. The issue strikes directly at the ordinary Australian worker - who can see the process before his eyes - and encourages resistance.

This issue will be fought over by Australia First candidates and otherwise be the subject of energetic public campaigning. Check our Web Sites for campaign updates. If you can help with telling us of new examples of the contract labour blight - please do so!

Source: Letter to Nationalists, No. 43, June 2006

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