Australia First protest
in Toowoomba
over contract labour

Australia First in first public action in Toowoomba

13 June 2006

This morning, members of the Australia First Party (AFP) handed out leaflets at the Davey Engineering And Manufacturing Group factory in Toowoomba.

A copy of the leaflet "Only One Answer To Cheap Contract Labour At The Davey Engineering And Manufacturing Group ... It's Time To Strike!" is attached.

The leaflet was received well by the workers. The workers understood their jobs and job security are right on the line and told our representatives exactly that.

The matters raised in this leaflet are similar to issues canvassed in the leaflet 'Furphy's Furphy' now widely distributed in Shepparton. A copy of this leaflet is attached.

The new Australia First Toowoomba branch has been established at a time of smear directed against the party by Dr. Mark Copeland of the Catholic Social Justice Commission. This man has used the columns of the Toowoomba Chronicle to misrepresent the party.

Dr. Jim Saleam, New South Wales member of the National Council of the AFP, said today:

The National Council of Australia First affirmed today:

Diane Teasdale, President of the party, said: "I concur with those sentiments".

There will be an increasing level of Australia First activism in the Toowoomba area as the party moves immediately to answer a public need and fill the political space left by the implosion of One Nation.

Further enquiries:
Dr. Jim Saleam 0407 732 858

[Leaflet handed out in Toowoomba, 13 June 2006:]

Only One Answer To Cheap Contract Labour
At The Davey Engineering And Manufacturing Group...
It's Time To Strike!

What sort of anti-Australian bigot is Dennis Davey? What sort of a boss sets out to replace his Australian workforce with cheap labour, contract labour which is bonded to him - for years?

Answer: Dennis Davey represents in human form the new traitor class, a man who puts money above people and country.

He considers Australians "lazy and reluctant" to work. He considers many Aussie applicants at his works "quite frankly unemployable ... they're a waste of space ... their attitude was not good enough...".

His new Chinese workers, recruited by a scab agency, are regarded by him as "happy people" who grasp the "opportunity" to work. Mr. Davey is a racist who hates Australians and who values only docile servants.

This new type of contract labour is appearing all over the Toowoomba area with Brazilians, Filipinos, Chinese, Vietnamese and South Africans arriving in increasing numbers. Sudanese refugees will also be used.

The clever lie is that they're all paid the award wage just like us. Maybe, but they're not paid the market price of labour. They are bonded under their visa conditions to stay put and they will be policed by the new workplace legislation. Slave labour is back in Queensland!

Over 100 years ago, our forebears in Queensland said no to cheap labour, the Chinese coolies and the Kanaka slaves. Right now, there is no limit to the number of contract labourers available and there is a traitor class in every city ready to hire them - and sack you. It's time to stand up and be counted!

The weapon of free Australian labour is the strike! For your jobs, your families, for all other Aussie workers, we must walk off the job. How long we strike must be decided by the workers themselves, be it a simple two-hour protest to a long term stoppage. If we don't fight now, we'll lose tomorrow.

Australia First Party:
Queensland Web Site -
P.O. Box 2173, Graceville East, 4075
National Contact Line - (02) 85870014

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