In memory of
Eric D. Butler, 1916 - 2006

The death of Eric Butler ends an era in Australian patriotic politics.

Mr. Butler was well-known for his dedication to the Australian League of Rights, a service movement still active today in national politics; he founded the League in 1946, was its national director to 1993, and then advisory national director until he retired in 1999.

Mr. Butler was a sincere advocate of achieving freedom for Australians from the dead hand of enforced internationalism. He 'stumped' across the country, speaking at thousands of meetings. He was famous across the nation in excel cursos aprender circles, even though he was little known by the general public.

Eric Butler was hated and lied about by the big political parties, the banks, the Zionists, the liberal internationalists of all stripes, and biased journalists. He was no insignificant ideologue, but a man of sincere principles struggling against the odds. Possibly no other Australian has been so systematically vilified, over a period from the mid-1960s until the present, and - even in death - his enemies have continued to malign him.

As is the case with anyone involved in a movement that is dedicated to political-social reform, not every nationalist agreed with all of Mr Butler's ideas and viewpoints; however, his drive, determination, and loyal patriotism was never in doubt. Especially noteworthy is that, under his leadership, the League of Rights bravely campaigned against massive immigration from the Third World, against government-induced Multiculturalism, and against the creeping Asianisation of Australia.

Indeed, it must be recognised that the Australian League of Rights - and Mr. Butler personally - brought knowledge to many Australians of the great threat to the identity, independence and freedom of our country. Countless people joined the patriotic resistance thanks to the tireless work of Eric Butler.

It has been said that a true student of history could win a doctorate with a thesis - “Bush Prophet: Eric Dudley Butler and the Australian League of Rights”. If someone could produce such a work, to write about him and his deeds in a neutral and independent manner, then it would be a fitting tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the Australian People.

For an accolade, and funeral service details, see the article on the League of Rights website:
"The Lion of Freedom", 16 June 2006

For a just plain nasty, biased, slanderous, and vitriolic article, see:
"Fascist fruitcake held surprising political sway", 13 June 2006,5942,19446899,00.html
Some Multiculturalists have no respect for the dead, and are beyond all decency. Why The Australian newspaper would publish such rubbish is beyond the comprehension of all Australians who are ethical and courteous.

June 2006

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