The 2006 Sydney Forum

26-27 August 2006

The Sydney Forum is a major annual event on the calendar of Australian patriots, one that is supportive of Australia's identity, independence, and freedom.

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The Forum phone line, 0407 732 868, is available every day from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m (outside these times, it is a message line only).
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The speakers list for the Sixth Sydney Forum is as follows:

Associate Professor Andrew Fraser, on the Thought Policing of Australia
Professor Fraser has struggled for over 12 months with the thought-police of the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission and won international and national kudos for his fight for academic and personal freedom.

Ms. Sandy Thorne, on her book on Baxter Detention Centre.
Sandy Thorne is an author and comedienne. She has written bush stories and was previously an officer in Baxter Detention Centre where she witnessed the truth about 'refugees'. She will instruct, but also entertain.

Mr. Greg Clancy, on the People Smuggling Racket
Greg Clancy has written a book on this very subject and has been studying the immigration disaster for a number of years and has published a book on people smuggling.

Dr. Jim Saleam, on Imperialism, Zionism and the Criminal War Against Iraq
Jim Saleam has spoken at every Sydney Forum. He will address issues arising from the current war in Iraq and look at the potential for Australian independence in an increasingly unstable world, the lies and hypocrisies of our 'leaders'.

Mr. Neil Baird, on the Crisis of Globalisation
Mr. Baird, publisher of The News Report, a sponsor of the Sydney Forum, has spoken before at the Sydney Forum. He has been documenting through The News Report the crisis of the globalist economic system.


"Sixth Sydney Forum: First Circular"

Updated 24 July 2006

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