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All cultures are not equal:
Honour killings in the Middle East

Contrary to the propaganda of the Multiculturalists, all cultures are NOT equal. Whilst Western cultures are not "perfect" (no culture is), they are far better than many cultures to be found in African, Arab, and Asian societies.

Biased journalists and teachers may pout and take a "culturally pluralistic" view that we cannot judge other cultures, but to do so is to be morally and ethically vacuous, to be empty of any firm and realistic moral viewpoint. Strangely enough, the same media hacks and academic propagandists fall over themselves in the rush to condemn various aspects of our own culture and history. This is because they do not truly wish to be void of cultural principles, but because they wish to avoid denigrating Third World cultures (even by telling the truth), whilst being more than happy to denigrate and destroy our own culture and traditions.

A recent story from the Middle East shows the disparity between our culture and the backward cultures of many Third World societies.

An Arab man in Jordan killed his pregnant sister when she told him she was five months pregnant with her former husband's child. He then put a pillow over her head and sat on it until she suffocated, doing this to to uphold his family's reputation. He was sentenced to only six months in prison. In these "honour killing" cases, typical sentences range from 3 to 24 months, with only 6 months being the average.

It was reported that

    The court said the woman's confession angered her brother and caused him to act in an irrational way. The court also said the woman's "shameful behavior" deviated from the traditions of Jordanian society and harmed her family's honor.
    In Jordan, an average of 20 women are killed in "honor killings" by male relatives each year. Men have the final say in all family matters in the conservative Muslim society, where many consider sex out of wedlock an indelible stain on a family's reputation.
    Some women in conservative circles of society have been killed simply for dating.

Australians need to throw off the intellectually-crippling shackles of Multiculturalism, and take a realistic look at the world.

We live in one of the best countries on Earth, and we should realise that those who peddle a "black armband view" of our history and society actually have an anti-Western axe to grind.

It is high time for the public to challenge journalists over their biased anti-Western "news" stories, for voters to dismiss anti-Australian politicians who are destroying Australia, and for students to challenge teachers who push anti-Western and anti-Australian propaganda.

It's time to take back Australia!

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