Articles by Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell was the Member for Kalgoorlie in the Australian Federal Parliament from 1980 to 1998. He was campaigner for Australians Against Further Immigration, and was co-founder of the Australia First Party and is currently its official patron.

A short biography of Graeme Campbell is available here.

Articles marked with two stars** are highly recommended.

        The 1967 referendum on Aborigines **
        Graeme Campbell, 2007

        Winning conditions for Australian nationalism **
        Graeme Campbell, December 2001

        Aviation cronyism
        Graeme Campbell, 4 October 2001

        Fuel prices - The answer needs vision
        Graeme Campbell, October 2000

        White Rhodesians
        Media release re. Graeme Campbell, 12 April 2000

        Tolerant for too long
        Graeme Campbell, September 1998

        Government: Not to be trusted
        Graeme Campbell, September 1998

        Constructive Nationalism
        Graeme Campbell, August 1998

        Another view on the "Stolen generation" Aborigines
        Graeme Campbell, 2 June 1997, House of Representatives

        Gun control: A view from the country
        Graeme Campbell, 17 June 1996, House of Representatives

        The struggle for true Australian independence **
        Graeme Campbell, 2 September 1994

        Industry policy: Directions for growth **
        Graeme Campbell, August 1992

        Immigration and consensus **
        Graeme Campbell, 1992