Graeme Campbell

a short biography

Graeme Campbell was born in Oxfordshire, England, came to Australia as a child, and was educated at Urrbrae Agricultural High School in South Australia. For nearly 12 years he pursued a variety of occupations (contract driller, fencing contractor, pastoralist on the Nullarbor), before moving to Kalgoorlie, where he worked for Great Boulder Mines and then in his own business.

In 1980 he was elected as the federal Member for Kalgoorlie (for the Australian Labor Party), representing the largest electorate in Australia (in fact, perhaps the largest electorate in the entire world), covering approximately 2.5 million square kilometres, and held the seat in the five successive elections with increasing majorities.

Graeme criticised the immigration and multiculturalism policies of his own Labor Government, and was critical of the political, economic and cultural internationalism being imposed upon Australia. He was punished by his party for speaking out - he was disendorsed by the ALP just before the 1996 federal election. He re-contested and won his seat as an Independent, but was defeated in 1998.

In the period 1994-1995, he had lent his support to the Australians Against Further Immigration Party and used his position to speak out on the need for true Australian independence. It was for this and other political "sins" (that is, honest appraisals of internationalism), that he was expelled from the Labor Party.

The Australia First Party (AFP) was founded by Graeme Campbell in June 1996. He later joined Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, and was hopeful of strengthening the forces of patriotism in Australia. However, the various internal strifes, and political mistakes, of the One Nation Party meant that this did not come to fruition.

Graeme Campbell is the official patron of the Australia First Party.

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