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a brief introduction

The Australia First Party is the national movement created to defend Australia's heritage, identity, independence, and freedom.

The Australia First Party is leading a growing resistance amongst Australians to the anti-national policies being pushed by the Liberal and Labor parties, and by the other Establishment elements in their positions of power in ivory towers.

The Australia First Party realises that on many issues, such as immigration, multiculturalism, and the dismantling of industrial protection - there is a huge gap between what our anti-national Establishment is advocating and what is in the best interests of the Australian people.

The Australia First Party provides an alternative to the Establishment's internationalist policies, and aims to put Australia's national interests first.

The Australia First Party calls out for a national movement of men and women who are willing to fight for the independence, freedom, and preservation of their people and nation.

Are you going to fight for your People?

Join us!

The fight for Australia must be waged on several fronts:

1)     To become a "street movement" in significant areas of public life.
Activists must be present where people are, and mobilise themselves to motivate people into action and to wage the necessary struggle for the "hearts and minds" of the People. To distribute leaflets, stickers, and posters, particularly amongst Australian youth - who are being dispossessed of their future. To create an active membership in schools, TAFEs, and universities. To pass out leaflets, run street stalls, contest student and union elections, be present in factories and workplaces, organise demonstrations, and appear in the media.

2)     To fight a war of ideas and ideals.
(a) The cultural struggle - to champion the practical defence of every aspect of Australia's cultural inheritance; by defending this and integrating people into it, we serve to strengthen Australian values amongst the People, and especially promote these values amongst Australia's youth.
(b) The ideological struggle - to create progressive new ideas and policies, new perspectives and initiatives; not only derived from the cultural struggle, but also from Australia's national requirements; to oppose the anti-national ideas of the globalists, and promote the Australia First ideals of Australian nationalism.

3)     To contest elections.
To engage in local, state, and national government elections, and build a new basis for national resistance; not simply as electoralists, but also as strategists, building support amongst people, advertising new ideas, and winning publicity.

We are fighting a cultural war against those internationalists who would destroy Australia's way of life; against those who engage in authoritarian methods of repression and who seek to deny the fundamental civil rights of Australians.

It's time for all fair dinkum Australians to put Australia first.

Distribute Australia First leaflets, stickers, and posters in your area and amongst your friends.

Donate to your nearest Australia First branch.

Contact us, get involved, and become a part of the fight for Australia!

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