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Guidelines for contributors

  1. Articles submitted should be about, or related to, current events. Older points of interest may be included in an article that focuses on a current news item.
  2. Articles must be accurate. All points of information, and quotations, should be backed up by giving references; specific internet addresses should be given in this regard (i.e. the overall site address is not sufficient), and should be from reputable sources (preferably from media sites or official sites of organisations).
  3. Articles should be short and sweet. Two to six paragraphs are preferred; however, this is a guideline only. Unlike general articles, the News & Comments articles are meant to be a “quick read”.
  4. Articles should be able to be read by people from diverse educational levels, and should therefore only contain words and concepts understood by the general population; they should not contain words that are too long or obscure, as such may be regarded as too wordy or pompous, and may discourage reading of the articles (or even lead to hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - see what we mean?). Those who think a long word is always better than a short one may be harboring a desire to impress or to sound more authoritative, and such is unnecessary here. Academic or verbose articles should be submitted separately for use in other areas of the site. The News & Comments articles must be readable above all else.
  5. Articles should not be in opposition to the general principles of Australia First, and must not contradict the eight core policies.
  6. Naturally, we reserve the right to edit or otherwise alter articles as is deemed necessary.

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