Australia First members
active at anti-IR laws rally

30th November 2006

Australia First Toowoomba Branch members stood in solidarity with the workers of Toowoomba during today's demonstration against John Howard's new Industrial Relations laws. During the demonstration at the Toowoomba Turf club, Toowoomba Branch members spoke with many workers who will be affected by the Globalist agenda of the Liberal-Labor parties. Over 400 leaflets covering Howard's backdoor immigration policy by using foreign labor were handed out.

Toowoomba Branch members that attended were not surprised to be greeted by many with a friendly nod. It was noted that all though Howard's IR laws must be stopped it is simply not a quick fix by voting Labor, Greens or the Democrats.

Australia First is the only party that will fight for the rights of White Australians. Australia First is for the worker of this great country. The Lib/Lab globalists only care about being re-elected at the next Poll. The Greens and the Democrats are fighting with each other to see who can be the most Multicultural. None of these political stooges care for the future of our children and our heritage.

The ground swell of support for Australia First in rural Queensland is on the increase. With this in mind, Australia First Toowoomba will be stepping up its activities in 2007.

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