Australia Day 2007 a success

Australia Day 2007 was well attended by members of Australia First Toowoomba Branch and the public. In contrast to the official ceremony held by the Toowoomba city council at Picnic Point the Australia First function was more about solutions and Australian Traditions than a State and Local Government PR stunt.

Special Guest at the BBQ was Perry Jewell, ex Party Official and founder of the Confederate Action Party, who spoke at length about his experience in patriotic politics over the last 20 years. Members of Australia First Queensland look forward to working with and alongside Perry and his many friends.

The only disruption on the day was a car-load of men of Middle Eastern appearance who tried in vain to disrupt a quiet family gathering with gestures and total disrespect for the true meaning of Australia Day.

Special thanks must go out to all who attended. It was comforting to see that many also brought along their children, after all the work we do now is for the future of these young Australians.

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