Toowoomba under attack

A conspiracy of interests foments anti-Australian racism; political-police, perverts and pimps unleashed to impose the African refugee madness on another Australian city

by John Pell, Dr. Jim Saleam, Val Hale


Toowoomba has been targeted for a crazy social experiment. This experiment is to be imposed by compulsion and policed by prosecution, smear and intimidation.

Toowoomba is to be the subject of a colonisation by African "refugees" drawn chiefly from Sudan.

This great Queensland country city is being attacked by a specialised minority of white Australian activists who serve corporate interests. As we shall see, they do it in a sneaky sort of way - by portraying themselves as moral crusaders, fair-minded people assisting others in distress and the new arbiters of a colour-blind faith in racial diversity. This minority is called 'liberals'. It is part of the globalist movement and its activists serve as the main ideologists and community level fighters to abolish borders, nationalities and identities.

The authors of this expose have human sympathy for the African group in the middle of an Australian political-cultural dispute over both the very definition of Australia and Australian - and the survival of European people and culture on this Continent. We bear the Africans in general - no malice. However, the solution to their problems, as the great Arthur Calwell said of the problems of Asians in Asia years ago, is not their emigration to the Great South Land, but energetic effort in their own country or countries to overcome the wrongs existing there. The United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity, with support from Australia, can fix this problem.

The supposed supporters of African immigration in Toowoomba have another agenda for these people. We urge the refugees to return to Africa now. But we know this will not occur, other than in the case of a few individuals. The pressure from the liberal minority and the state agencies to enforce the policy is too great. For the next 15 years or so, we must as Australians, endure the fruits of a policy, until we are in a position to change it.

Part 1. The 'Refugees' Arrive: The Agents For Change

Part 2. Toowoomba People Resist

Part 3. The Media Propagandist / Liar Greg Roberts Vents His Spleen With 'Neo-Nazis', Race Hate And Alleged Violence

Part 4. A Testicles' Shaver Makes His Mark: Matt Henderson's Network Starts The Hatemongering Against Australians

Part 5. Imposing The Dictatorship In Toowoomba: Mark Copland Of The Catholic Social Justice Commission Leads The Charge

Part 6. The Kommissar Of Political Correctness:
Dr. John Casey Enters, Bringing Political Police Repressive Ideology To The Program Of "Open Borders"

Part 7. The Refugee Action Coalition: Trotskyites At State Service

Part 8. For A Community First People's Resistance!

Part 9. Ten Questions Demanding Answers

The people of Toowoomba are not 'racists'; they are realists. It is our desire to mobilize the good people of Toowoomba against the liberal minority, root them out of city hall, chase them from the churches and community groups and render this city a veritable Refugee Free Zone, a Multiculturalism Free City, an Australian People's Autonomous Zone!

This is a political war. We intend to fight this struggle, beginning now and with the resources we've got. In the name of ANZAC, Kokoda , Eureka, and the great revolt at Barcaldine in 1891 (the foundation point of the great white Australian Labour party), we will serve the Australian people to protect their heritage that it may be passed on to new generations.

Australia First

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